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Guiding Marketing & Sales leaders on their digital expedition.

From Passion to Purchase.


The journey towards digital innovation that drives sustainable growth, is a challenging but exciting expedition. Our mission is to be your best expedition guide possible and help you to know what to do, getting it done and learn how to do it yourself.
We always work in a phased approach, building on our experience but maximally leveraging the customer processes & tools. Where relevant, we complete with our own models and tools.

Preparation is the key to success. We help you to know what ambition fits your condition (business goals) and select the right travel kit (digital solutions) to travel light. 

  1. ‘AS IS’ digital screening

  2. Customer Journey mapping

  3. Omnichannel strategy development & prioritization

Think Big, start Small. It now comes

down to practicing a lot and make progress, step by step. We help you to act based on insights and hypotheses, track the journey and react quickly to bridge the gaps. 

  1. Omnichannel Co-Creation process management

  2. Online Picture of Success tracking

  3. MVP briefing, project management & tracking

Ultimately become an expedition guide yourself and get ready for the next ambition. We learn you how to continue the journey independently and take the whole team with you. 

  1. Digital transformation workshop

  2. Winning t/o Omnichannel Shopper Journey training (with LD&Co)

  3. Digital Academy (with Callebaut Collective)


We are an independent, experienced partner that guide business leaders on their journey to turn Digital Sales & Marketing into an engine for long term value creation, generating sustainable growth. 

We act like a bridge. From Strategy to Execution. From Marketing to Sales. From Passion to Purchase. 

Always putting the customer at the center.


"The brands that innovate best do so with an exceptional embrace of collaboration"

- Stephen Nowak


Across sectors we build on one universal truth: mutual trust, agility and - above all - intense collaboration lead to faster, disruptive and most effective innovation. Endorsed by a solid network, we bring the best parties together that serve a common goal to generate win-win value. Being it manufacturers, retailers, consumers or 3th party agencies. 

We are grounded on over 15 years of experience at global leading sales & marketing companies in influencing shopper behaviour. Conquering the brain and the heart of the consumer. Leveraging digital media and sales channels to close the loop from brand engagement to shopper transactions.

​Why struggle to invent the wheel yourself if you can bring in the right experienced people and leverage learnings from other organisations and other sectors?


Huis van Oostenrijk 11, 

9230 Wetteren


Tel: +32 479 46 93 04

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